About Foundation

The Ahmed Shafik Foundation for Science (ASFS)  is a non-profit organization registered with the Ministry of Social Affairs in Cairo, Egypt.  It derives is financial resources from private funding, donations, grants, and  bequests.

The ASFS is dedicated to encourage, challenge, disseminate and coordinate scientific research and experimental work.  Its aim is to invite and expand national and international cooperation to carry out research projects, and to support the development of innovations and improvements in all medical disciplines for both diagnosis and therapy.

At present, the ASFS has set its action priorities on:

  • Extensive anatomical and physiological study programs investigating mechanisms of bodily functions.

  • biomedical and biophysical research.

  • basic research into the cause of pathologies stressing on –

    • Malignant diseases

    • Anorectal diseases

    • Reproductive disorders

    • Development  and promotion of treatment alternatives to reduce  the risk and enhance the results

    • Support and promotion of applied research